Employee Internet Management

Operational efficiency takes on new meaning in times of economic contraction. Often, the always-on employee feels warranted managing their own time while at work. Add the constant spate of corporate governance and consumer privacy legislation and clear thought needs to be given to Internet productivity, liability and security.


Study’s consistently show over the years that employees waste about 12.5% of their time on personal Internet use. Nielsen reported that in May 2011 alone, Americans spent more than 53 billion minutes on Facebook. Recent surveys report that over 75% of employees who have a Facebook account use it during work.

The latest business trends show a rise in the number of wrongful termination suits based upon an employer's inability to support accusations of Internet abuse or not having a clear Internet Policy in place.

How it Works

Pearl Software offers solutions that enforce your cybersecurity policies. Our products arm organizations with tools to set user-level monitoring and Internet access policies in desktop/laptop environments, in server-centric environments such as Citrix and Terminal Server or in mixed environments where employees are accessing the Internet through both terminal services and desktops/laptops. Pearl Software’s Internet monitoring, filtering and control solutions capture users’ web browsing, file downloads and uploads, chat, IM and e-mail including text and encoded attachments. Pearl Echo can monitor patterns to protect against the dissemination of confidential information. Pearl Echo can also control timed access to applications and set restrictions based on bandwidth usage. Once installed, Pearl Echo immediately begins generating informative analytics for review and automated distribution.

Data in Use

Pearl Software addresses internal and external communications beyond basic Web filtering. Pearl Software manages communication through chat, IM and e-mail traffic based on standard and proprietary e-mail protocols. Traffic is controlled at the endpoint including the real time decoding and analysis of email attachments to ensure protection against communication of proprietary information.

Pearl Software has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1996 and ensures the reliability and strength of our software solutions through alliances with leading technology companies like Microsoft, Intel and Citrix Systems.


Cybersecurity Products for Work

Web Filter

Pearl Echo.Suite

is an enterprise-class employee Internet monitoring, filtering and control software program designed to monitor and control the Internet activity of multiple PCs and thin clients from a central location. Pearl Echo ideally accommodates the Internet monitoring needs of any Internet setup including those with multiple locations and roaming or mobile Internet users.


Web Filter


is a comprehensive module used to monitor and filter access to specific web sites or general categories of web sites. Using Website.Echo, administrators can set web access permissions based on time controls, enabling the lock-down of machines in after-hours periods or providing freer access during personal time for day-extender employees.


Skype Chat Monitor


is a stand-alone module of Pearl Echo.Suite used to provide network administrators with an efficient means to manage employee Skype IM and Chat usage. IM usage permissions can be set at the computer, group and user level to restrict IM activity based on specific protocols, time controls, keyword triggers and trusted contacts.


Cloud Filter


is a hosted web filter service with the capability to determine if a Web site violates your desired access rules before it returns the Web site's content. Web requests of network users and guests are pointed to the Echo.Cloud.Filter for filtering without having to add any extra software or hardware.