decrypt ssl apiEcho.API will decrypt SSL traffic for your actionable analysis and threat inspection. Additionally, all processing takes place at the endpoint.

Echo.API harnesses Pearl Software’s 20+ years of cyber monitoring expertise in an easy to use module. The module will decrypt SSL and TLS and stream clear data to your application. Consequently, you can reconstruct communications, trigger on data patterns, filter content, analyze for the presence of malware or purpose the data for any other cyber security use-case.

Echo.API includes Echo Crypto.View to decrypt SSL and TLS traffic efficiently in-line and in real-time. The interface uses best practices to ensure the integrity of communicated data.

Furthermore, we’ve done the hard work to minimize resource consumption, eliminate bugs and nits and to ensure process interoperability.

Technical Details

The Echo.API is an interface into the Pearl Network Intercept and Decryption Engine (NIDE).

The Echo.API library provides developers with functionality to configure the NIDE. As a result, developers can monitor and control both clear and encrypted network traffic. The NIDE decrypts encrypted SSL and TLS traffic and makes it available to the developer's application through the Echo.API. In addition, the developer can specify which applications' network traffic is to be monitored and controlled.

The NIDE is composed of a Windows driver and a Windows service. It is installed with a provided installer on Windows 7 and later platforms.


Echo.API must be used in accordance with all domestic, federal and state privacy laws. Applications that do not meet this requirement will not be licensed. Please contact us for pricing and licensing information.

Please contact us for pricing and licensing information.