The Cost of Facebook at Work

Nielsen reports in May 2011 alone, Americans spent more than 53 billion minutes on Facebook. Recent surveys report that over 75% of employees who have a Facebook account use it during work. At the same time, employees are working extended hours and taking their work home with them. How do you balance the Internet use policies of your organization with the realities of employee life.

Accessing social media, pornography, chatting, gaming, investing and online shopping are the leading causes for disciplinary action or termination. Major concerns for managers include legal liability, security and reduced worker productivity. The latest business trends show a rise in the number of wrongful termination suits based upon an employer's inability to support accusations of Internet abuse or not having a clear Internet Acceptable Use Policy in place.

Every year, thousands of labor hours are lost to irrelevant web surfing, social networking sites, online video games, and instant messenger chat. While the experts cannot agree on exactly how much time is lost, they do all agree that it grows with every year. You may be surprised at the amount of money wasted this way. For instance, take this mathematical example: Ten employees at a small business wage of twelve dollars an hour, each wasting four hours a week (which according to some experts is quite a modest estimate) over forty eight weeks (we will keep being generous and drop four weeks for holidays, sick leave and vacation in this example) turns into a staggering twenty three thousand, forty dollars. For most business owners, this software easily pays for itself.

Block Facebook from Employee Computers

Pearl Software offers employers software solutions that encourage responsible Internet use by employees during the workday. Completely block Facebook and other social networking sites or allow free access during lunch or other break times. Select a product to the right to learn more.


Products to Control Social Networking

Web Filter

Pearl Echo.Suite

is an enterprise-class Internet monitor, web filter and control software program designed to monitor and control the Internet activity of multiple PCs and thin clients from a central location. Pearl Echo ideally accommodates the cybersecurity needs of any Internet setup including those with multiple locations and roaming or mobile Internet users.


Web Filter


is a comprehensive module used to monitor and control access to specific web sites or general categories of web sites. Using Website.Echo, administrators can set web access permissions based on time controls, enabling the lock-down of machines in after-hours periods or providing freer access during personal time for day-extender employees.


Skype Chat Monitor


is a stand-alone module of Pearl Echo.Suite used to provide network administrators with an efficient means to manage employee IM usage. IM usage permissions can be set at the computer, group and user level to restrict IM activity based on specific protocols, time controls, keyword triggers and trusted contacts.