Pearl Echo’s Employee Internet Management technology is based on an independent agent-server architecture. By creating an independent service, Pearl Echo.Suite is not affected by high traffic volumes, how users access the Internet, or where your end users are physically located. Pearl Echo’s Employee Internet Management technology does not suffer from the performance and security problems of proxy monitoring solutions or from the overload and network dependency limitations of network sniffer solutions.

The Pearl Echo.Suite Server Software runs as an independent service resident on one of your Windows Domain or Stand Alone Servers or on a Windows Workstation. The Internet access rules you create at the Pearl Echo.Suite Administration Machine are retrieved by your managed workstations through a secure, zero-maintenance agent loaded on your Windows workstations.

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The same secure, zero-maintenance agent is responsible for sending -- or echoing -- actual or attempted Internet transactions back to the Pearl Echo.Suite Administration Machine. For ultimate efficiency, Internet access rules are applied at the workstation by the Pearl Echo.Suite agent. Data to be logged is first compressed by the agent before being sent back to the Administration Machine on a path that is not dependent upon the path the workstation uses to access the Internet. The Pearl Echo.Suite Workstation agent can be installed manually from the Pearl Echo.Suite CD or automatically deployed by the Windows Installer files provided with Pearl Echo. In a Terminal Services or Citrix environment, the secure Workstation agent is simply loaded on the Terminal/Citrix server. Once deployed, the Pearl Echo.Suite Workstation agent is self-updating; the Workstation agent automatically retrieves any updates or upgrades to Pearl Echo.Suite when you update your Pearl Echo.Suite Server Software.

With Pearl Echo's mobile cybersecurity technology, managed workstations can be connected to your local area network, wide area network or completely detached from your private network. The Pearl Echo.Suite Workstation agent does its job no matter how or where your users connect to the Internet.

Pearl Echo's cybersecurity technology is extremely efficient, has a small footprint, adds negligible network traffic, and scales well due to its agent-server architecture. Because Pearl Echo.Suite runs as its own service, Echo has no dependencies on legacy proxy servers or firewalls.  



Pearl Echo is not a proxy server. Internet traffic will flow via the path that it normally does when Pearl Echo is not installed. As an example of overhead, will deliver over 10.5MB in content and images from their home page. Pearl Echo will log 9800 bytes to the Pearl Echo server. That’s less than one tenth of one percent (0.09%) overhead!


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