Protecting Students

Internet safety at school goes beyond blocking access to adult web sites; it requires knowing a child's motivations and tendencies and having the ability to intervene before issues escalate.


Pearl Software's cybersecurity applications provide teachers, administrators and librarians with a realistic means to supervise and educate students in a dynamic world of interactive Internet communications. Pearl Software's Internet monitoring software provides in-depth analysis of students' online activities including the restoration of e-mail, IM and posted communications. For those schools interested in controlling what their students have access to, we also offer web blocking software that will keep your students away from inappropriate materials. Our cybersecurity applications help promote safety while assisting you with your CIPA compliance requirements.

In response to the pervasiveness of cyber-bullying, Pearl Software's products provide educators with the tools they need to monitor inappropriate behavior. Learn more about our solutions that help to prevent cyber-bullying in schools.


Cybersecurity Products for School

Web Filter

Pearl Echo.Suite

is an enterprise-class Internet monitoring, web filter and access control software program designed to monitor and control the Internet activity of multiple PCs and thin clients from a central location. Pearl Software's products provide all the necessary features required to enable your educational institution to maintain CIPA compliance.


Web Filter


is a stand-alone module of Pearl Echo.Suite used to monitor and filter access to specific web sites or general categories of web sites. Using Website.Echo, administrators can set web access permissions based on time controls, enabling the lock-down of machines in after-hours periods or providing freer access during personal time for students and faculty.


Skype Chat Monitor


is a stand-alone module of Pearl Echo.Suite used to provide network administrators with an efficient means to manage student and faculty Skype IM and Chat usage. IM usage permissions can be set at the computer, group and user level to restrict IM activity based on specific protocols, time controls, keyword triggers and trusted contacts.


Cloud Filter


is a hosted web filter service with the capability to determine if a Web site violates your desired access rules before it returns the Web site's content. Web requests of network users and guests are pointed to the Echo.Cloud.Filter for filtering without having to add any extra software or hardware.