Company Overview

Pearl Software is the inventor of real-time, remote Internet monitoring and control. Our patented cybersecurity products enable organizations to centrally monitor and filter end-user Internet activity across multiple platforms and distributed locations. Formed in 1996 as the Internet was becoming a commercial reality, our early participation and continual development in the cybersecurity space assures we maintain our technical leadership position.

Our core focus is on the invention and development of patented Internet monitoring, filtering and control software solutions. Our Internet monitoring solutions manage user activity in government agencies, corporations, hospitals, schools and libraries in the US and abroad.


Our modest start began by working with Microsoft to conduct testing of advanced Windows OS networking components. We entered the home Internet monitoring market with our first product called Cyber Snoop.

Home Web MonitorHome Web MonitorCyber Snoop was lauded by the press, garnered PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award and quickly became synonymous with child Internet protection.

Pearl Software’s innovative solutions to the emerging problem of managing inappropriate Internet use at home soon extended to the classroom. Schools required us to create a network version of our product that was powerful yet simple to administer for the then-part-time computer lab coordinator/mom/dad. As a result of these early research and development activities, Pearl Software created a secure, user friendly and reliable means to monitor and control the Internet activity of any Windows user.

Our solutions to the growing problem of managing inappropriate Internet usage at home and school received many accolades from the industry as well as civic leaders such as the White House’s Internet task force. As our real-time and remote Internet monitoring products grew in scope and capability, we extended our efforts into the enterprise as well as into government agencies. Our enterprise-class cybersecurity products grew to include centralized administration and support for Terminal Server, Citrix Server, large-scale reporting, remote endpoint management, BYOD and “big-data”.


Pearl Software has continued its heritage of innovation through the development of a series of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for enterprise Internet governance. In 2016 Pearl Software introduced the 12th generation of Echo.Suite™ and three separate modules: Website.Echo™, Echo.Filters™ and IM.Echo™ extending our reach into remote deployment and encrypted communications.

Web Filtering Products

Our focus on customer interaction combined with our deep cybersecurity domain knowledge helps us deliver solutions that precisely meet changing end-user needs at the lowest possible price. We believe this makes us stand out as a true Value-Added vendor.