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Put your cybersecurity in the cloud. Our DNS servers have the added ability to determine if a website violates your desired filter rules before it returns a website's IP address to network and guest users. Your computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. simply need to be set to perform DNS lookups at our Echo.Cloud.Filter.

DNS Web Filter Diagram

Because we host DNS servers that are categorized based on site content, companies and organizations find Echo.Cloud.Filter to be the perfect web filtering solution. Echo.Cloud.Filter is extremely easy to deploy and requires zero maintenance and oversight. The DNS requests of network users and guests are simply pointed to the Echo.Cloud.Filter, and you instantly have in place a policy for web filtering without needing to add any extra software or hardware.

Our DNS servers are redundant and multi-tiered, capable of filtering every URL request and either honoring them or redirecting them to a warning page that you select.

Echo.Cloud.Filter System Requirements

  • No Software Requirements
    • OS Independent (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, AIX, BSD, etc.)
  • Hosted, No Hardware Requirements
    • Platform Independent (Desktop, Laptop, Thin Client, Mobile, etc.)

Echo.Cloud.Filter Benefits

The Echo.Cloud.Filter™ Internet Filtering provides you with the power of Pearl Software’s Echo.Filters™ URL filtering module. The following lists some of the product's benefits:

Nothing to Install

Nothing to Maintain

Configured in Minutes


Platform Independent; Works with All BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Customized Access Policies

The Full Power of Echo.Filters Delivered in the Cloud