Duty of Care

Federal government agencies have been challenged with the task of implementing the President’s Management Agenda strategy for improving the management and performance of the Federal government.


Many State, Local and Tribal governments also realize the importance of improving workforce performance and mitigating internal security threats. The misuse and abuse of network resources by human capital is a significant source of risk and lost productivity within these agencies. Careless or negligent conduct by employees and contractors reduces resource availability, compromises security policies and exposes vulnerabilities in the electronic communications (e-communications) systems of these agencies.

Now, regulatory mandates such as FISMA, HIPAA and SOX as well as Duty of Care require agencies to implement extensive information security programs while protecting the privacy of US citizens. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Information Security Officers (ISOs) need to update these strategies to manage the increasing risk posed by government employee and contractor conduct. With proper changes, and the use of new monitoring technology, government information security officers and network managers can prevent the damage resulting from improper conduct while complying with their regulatory obligations to protect sensitive information.


Cybersecurity Products for Government

Web Filter

Pearl Echo.Suite

is an enterprise-class Internet monitor, web filter and access control software program designed to monitor and control the Internet activity of multiple PCs and thin clients from a central location. Pearl Echo ideally accommodates the Internet monitoring needs of any Internet setup including those with multiple locations and roaming or teleworking Internet users.


Web Filter


is a comprehensive module used to monitor and filter access to specific web sites or general categories of web sites. Using Website.Echo, administrators can set web access permissions based on time controls, enabling the lock-down of machines in after-hours periods or providing freer access during personal time for day-extender employees.


Skype Chat Monitor


is a stand-alone module of Pearl Echo.Suite used to provide network administrators with an efficient means to manage employee Skype Chat and IM usage. IM usage permissions can be set at the computer, group and user level to restrict IM activity based on specific protocols, time controls, keyword triggers and trusted contacts.


Cloud Filter


is a hosted service with the capability to determine if a Web site violates your desired access rules before it returns the Web site's content. Web requests of network users and guests are pointed to the Echo.Cloud.Filter for filtering without having to add any extra software or hardware.