Solution Overview

Employee Web Filter

Cybersecurity For Industry

How common is it for employees to misuse their computer privileges at work by sending and receiving personal communications, downloading inappropriate material or unauthorized software? The FBI and the Computer Security Institute report that 91% of employers say it's happening in their companies.

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Internet Monitoring for Government

Cybersecurity For Government

With the increase in cyber-attacks within government agencies comes the need for information security officers to have more stringent control over their computer networks. With more employees having access to federal, state and local networks, solutions are needed to guard against misuse, information leakage and the insider threat.

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Internet Filter for School

Cybersecurity For School

Pearl Software has developed Internet monitoring and web filtering solutions for public and private schools, colleges, trade schools, universities and school libraries. The products we provide for use in schools were created to give administrators and faculty a way to educate without putting their students or their infrastructure at risk.

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