Mobility Monitor™ - Cybersecurity that Follows your Users

Pearl Echo's patented mobile cybersecurity technology provides administrators with the ability to manage Internet activity on client stations no matter where those devices are located.

Pearl Echo’s Mobility Monitor technology can automatically follow users so all of their activity is monitored, and cybersecurity rules remain governed by the same rules that apply when users are on your private network. Users cannot circumvent policies prohibiting inappropriate web surfing by leaving the corporate network and joining a private network or readily available hot-spot. This mobile Internet security technology will help keep your data secure and allow you to keep tabs on your employees' web usage.

Website.Echo works in a networked or non-networked environment and is ideal for organizations with multiple sites, terminals services, traveling salespeople, and telecommuters. Website.Echo requires no special network connections, VPN's, LAN's, or WAN's and will provide full analytics no matter how - and where - the Internet is accessed.

Before Website.Echo, organizations with multiple locations were forced to rely upon limited proxy server technology or required to construct an expensive, complicated series of inter-dependent servers at each site or sub-net that were managed by a centrally located "sniffer" computer.

Website.Echo is the next generation solution. With its patented architecture, Website.Echo eliminates yesterday's hardware and provides administrators with a secure, comprehensive tool to effectively manage local and remote users and enforce your cybersecurity policy.

For more information on configuring Website.Echo with roaming or remote users, please refer to the Website.Echo Configuration page.



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