Issue: Activity Log file does not contain new data.
Product: Pearl Echo
Applies to: All Builds


If the Pearl Echo Internet Management State is turned On, and the Pearl Echo server detects that it has an abnormal backlog of monitored activity that it cannot add to the Activity Log, you may receive the following email warning:

Please review your Pearl Echo Activity Log for real-time data.

This typically occurs if the Pearl Echo activity database is corrupt. Corruption occurs when the Pearl Echo service is writing to the log and anti-virus software opens the log for scanning or the server is shutdown abnormally.



  1. Verify that your anti-virus software excludes the Pearl Echo Program and Archive directories from being scanned.
  2. Open the Pearl Echo Administration Console.
  3. Turn the Pearl Echo Internet Management State Off from the Set Security Status menu.
  4. Run Compact/Repair Lists from the Security menu.
  5. Turn the Pearl Echo Internet Management State back On from the Set Security Status menu.
  6. Wait a few moments and refresh (F5) the Pearl Echo Activity Log to look for new data.

If you are unable to view current data after completing the above steps, contact Pearl Software Technical Support with code 10030 so we may assist you further.



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