Issue: Internet Explorer and Chrome https traffic is monitored. Firefox secure traffic does not appear.
Product: Pearl Echo 12.00.0000 and later
Applies to: All Builds


Beginning with Version 49, Mozilla Firefox can easily be configured to use the Windows Certificate Store.


  1. Update Mozilla Firefox to Version 49 or later.
  2. Do one of the following
    • Patch the Pearl Echo Workstation to Version 12.21.001 or later (Echo 12 R2) or
    • Extract and add the following preference files to \Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref - all-pearl.js




Mozilla Firefox does not use the Windows Certificate Store but rather uses its own certificate database.



Add the Pearl Echo certificate to the Firefox certificate database. The Pearl Echo certificate is called pearlsw.crt and is located in the Utilities directory of the program CD that you downloaded.

There are a number of ways to add the Pearl Echo certificate, pearlsw.crt, to the Firefox certificate database:

  • Manually Add for a single User. In Firefox
    1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Certificates
    2. Select View Certificates
    3. Select the Authorities Tab
    4. Select Import
    5. When Prompted select both:
      1. Trust this CA to identify websites
      2. Trust this CA to identify email users
    6. Select OK
  • Extract and execute the add-certs.cmd on each machine using this GNU utility - Download
  • Deploy for All Users on All machines using GPO and certutil.exe - Sample
  • Deploy using a 3rd-party Firefox Management Tool - Sample


Note: Until you are able to deploy the Pearl Echo certificate, you can disable https monitoring by selecting "Don't manage secure content" in each of your effected profiles.



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