Issue: Profile Database Error
Product: Pearl Echo
Applies to: V 11.07.07 and later


After logging into the Pearl Echo Administration Console, you receive the following error:

Pearl Echo stores your Profile settings in database files called secset.dbf and secset.cdx. If these files get corrupted by anti-virus scanning or improper program shutdown, the files will need to be repaired.



Pearl Echo automatically creates a backup of the Profile database every two weeks.

  1. Close the Pearl Echo Admin Console.
  2. Rename the two (2) Profile database files secset.dbf and secset.cdx to secset.dbf.old and secset.cdx.old. The database files are located in the Pearl Echo program directory (c:\program files (x86)\pearl echo, by default).
  3. Locate and copy the two (2) backup database files, secset.dbf.bak and secset.cdx.bak. Rename the new copy to secset.dbf and secset.cdx.

Note: If backup files are also corrupt, please create a support case for additional assistance.



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