Issue: Migrating Pearl Echo Server to a New Machine.
Product: Pearl Echo 11.03.0003 and later
Applies to: All Builds


After installing Pearl Echo Server on a new machine, an existing installation's data files and settings can be migrated to the new machine. If Pearl Echo agents have been configured with an IP address, the new machine should take the IP address of the existing install. If the Pearl Echo agents have been configured with a FQDN, proper name resolution to your new server can be configured at your DNS server.



Activity Log and Cache Files
To move the current activity log file, you will need to copy the files echo.log and echo.cdx. Data in the cache directory should be zipped from the current directory and unzipped to the new cache directory. This will maintain the time stamp on the files and thus will not throw warning errors when accessing the cached data from the user interface. If you are moving your activity archive, similar care should be taken not to affect the date and time of the files moved.

If you have custom profiles, you can copy the files secset.dbf and secset.cdx. Once copied, open Profiles in the new installation and click OK to properly save changes to the new server's registry. Note: For profile migration to succeed, the drive letter and path of the new installation directory must match the drive letter and path of the old installation directory. Be aware that 32 bit to 64 bit migrations typically have a path change from Program Files to Program Files (x86). If your installation path has changed, run Compact/Repair Lists from the Security menu and you will be prompted to configure your new Profile list paths.

Custom Block and Allow Control Lists
Control Lists in the Pearl Echo Lists directory can also be copied to the new installation directory. Once copied, open the lists from the Pearl Echo console and save them from the File menu.

If you have configured standard and/or custom reports, you can migrate your settings by coping the entire contents of the existing rptbin directory to the new installation directory.

Navigate through the Options Menu and Report Settings Sub-Menu to replicate settings from your old installation.



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