Issue: Startup issue with server monitoring (echoComm.exe) process.
Product: Pearl Echo
Applies to: Version 10


Microsoft has a known issue with multi-threaded applications creating network sockets on 64bit multiprocessor computers. The Pearl Echo server component, echoComm.exe, is a multi-threaded application that creates network sockets at startup. Based on system timing considerations, echoComm.exe may fail to start when the Pearl Echo Management State is turned on or when the system starts. The following solution traps for and corrects this issue.



This issue is resolved in Version 11.02.0002. The follow fix should only be applied to Version 10 installations.

  1. Turn Management OFF from the Security -> Set Security Status menu.
  2. In the Pearl Echo\bin program directory, rename the file echoComm.exe to echoComm.exe.orig.
  3. Download and unzip and move the new echoComm.exe to the Pearl Echo\bin directory.
  4. Turn Management ON from the Security ->Set Security Status menu.



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