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Purchasing Notes

Electronic Delivery
Downloaded titles come complete with everything you need to run your application, including product activation instructions, quick-start deployment instructions and full electronic documentation.

Pearl Software's products are sold as a perpetual license - no annual subscription renewals are required. However, Pearl Software's licenses are not transferable so licenses must not be moved or used concurrently on different computers. Doing so will likely result in machine performance issues.

Most of Pearl Software's titles offer optional Maintenance Agreements. Purchasing annual Maintenance will provide you with minor product fixes and free major product upgrades (free upgrades result in big savings). In addition, you will be provided with four (4) telephone technical support incidents. Maintenance Agreements are renewed annually.

Some of Pearl Software's titles offer the ability to optionally purchase Echo.Filters - Pearl Software's award winning URL categorization and filtering database. Purchasing Echo.Filters provides you with informative reports on categorized web activity and allows you to restrict user access based on the type of content that exists on web pages. Purchasing Echo.Filters also includes one year of automatic daily URL database updates. Updates are renewed annually.

Return Policy
All of Pearl Software's titles are offered fully featured on a try-before-you-buy basis. Once a product is fully licensed, no returns are accepted.

Terms of Services
Click here to learn about terms and conditions governing the use of Pearl Software’s products and services.