Are employees staying In-Line while they're On-Line?

Most employees have good intentions. Some don't. Inappropriate use of e-mail, the web, IM and other Internet programs is a real concern in most organizations. Public image and how customers perceive a company is crucial to any business’s success. Pearl Software's powerful reports allow managers to easily identify productive employees as well as the 'problem-needles' in your network haystack. More to the point: Pearl Software's automated reports allow managers to deal with employee issues without IT having to act as Internet police, judge and jury.

Does your organization rely on confidentiality and trade secrets?

The fastest growing segment of cyber crime involves the buying and selling of intellectual property—a company’s new product designs, proprietary financial information and confidential memos. An increasing percentage of valuable corporate data is being electronically siphoned and sold to the competition. Pearl Software's products provide you with detailed analysis of corporate e-communications, allowing you to eliminate the insider threat.


Do you manage remote or mobile workers?

Pearl Software's products allow you to easily extend your Internet usage policies beyond the company’s internal networks. Inappropriate web surfing or illegal transactions over email or IM cannot be circumvented by users going off the corporate network and onto another private network or readily available WiFi hot-spot.

Do you rely on Remote Desktop, Terminal Server or Citrix?

Pearl Software's products allow you to apply user-level monitoring and Internet access policies in a remote desktop and server-centric world. Other solutions work at the firewall, proxy or switch level causing Internet transactions to appear as a single IP address or single user. Pearl Echo's tuned compatibility with remote and server-centric setups provides user-level and group-level Internet monitoring, filtering and control based on your organization’s existing domain or active directory structure.


Do you have to deal with Malware on a regular basis?

Pearl Software's custom blocking modules keep users from visiting sites that contain harmful content. When Pearl Software scans a site we also download and check for viruses in setup files, zip files and executable files. If viruses are found, the site is added to our Malware category to prevent a seemingly harmless site from launching a drive-by install of malicious code or providing a fake hardware driver. Pearl Software allows you to stop malware at its source.

Bandwidth - where did it all go?

Unmanaged surfing and bandwidth-intensive media downloads by internal users often leave enterprises with insufficient bandwidth for business-critical needs. Pearl Software's solutions hone in on bandwidth-abuse, allowing you to set and enforce bandwidth restrictions in order to prevent congestion, abuse and bandwidth drain.



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