MicrosoftIn 1996 Pearl Software was approached by Microsoft and Intel to participate in a collaborative design of an industry standard that would provide customers with a reliable Internet monitoring and filtering solution. An alliance with Microsoft has been the cornerstone of Pearl Software’s technical direction. Pearl Software’s products tightly integrate into each Microsoft Operating System and provide customers with the best possible application experience while ensuring compatibility with other best-in-class applications.



CitrixPearl Software’s products have been optimized for Citrix's resource-conscious environment. Pearl Software's compatibility with server-centric architectures provides user-level and group-level Internet monitoring, filtering and control based on an organization’s existing domain or active directory structure.



AT&TPearl Software has relationships with leading Internet Service Providers like ATT, Time Warner, Earthlink and Verizon to provide end users with best of breed Internet monitoring, filtering and control solutions at home, in school and in the workplace.