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How to Keep Skype Under Control

Skype and its several variations make up a popular VoIP communications program that allows voice, text, and video conferencing for personal, small business and enterprise-sized businesses. The question naturally arises: is Skype secure?

For consumer use, Skype offers point-to-point 256-bit AES encryption as long as both users are using Skype. The question becomes complex as the sophistication of business increases. For calls between landline or mobile phones and Skype users, only the Skype part of the conversation is encrypted. Skype’s Business and Business Server products are more secure than the free home consumer/small business Skype app, due to the high stands of data security regulations that require verifiable compliance to business standards.

Can Skype usage be monitored?

Skype can be monitored. Within the business realm, the legality of such monitoring should be thoroughly vetted through a corporation’s legal arm. Remember that monitoring and surveillance of business communications requires attention to legal issues.

Skype monitoring control and monitoring are conducted through the Skype Manager central control application. Through Skype Manager, which includes Skype chat monitoring, Skype IM monitoring, and web filtering, security officers can perform comprehensive monitoring of Skype conversations to ensure that company policies and procedures are being observed at all times.

Where are Skype conversations stored?

The free/home version of Skype keeps conversations stored in a folder located on your personal hard drive. Thirty days’ worth of your most recent conversations is stored in the cloud.

Skype for Business Online keeps conversations only in a Microsoft Exchange folder named “Conversations,” which appears within each employees Outlook app. If employee disabilities “save conversation history” within Outlook, the
The only way that conversation history can be automatically stored outside of the Exchange folder is with Skype for Business Server. Here, the conversations are stored on your server, making it easier to manage the conversation history of employees who are using mobile devices to access Skype for Business. The settings can be changed following these instructions.

The verdict on monitoring Skype conversations

Skype chat monitoring software for home is less robust than business versions of Skype, but it can be done. Skype’s business offerings. Skype chat monitoring for business offers extremely robust options. Skype Business Online or Skype Business Server are the best options for making Skype monitoring an ongoing part of a businesses procedures.

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