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March Madness - Balancing Improved Morale with Lost Productivity

March Madness activities in the workplace can affect employee morale in a positive way.  The multi-weeklong event has a way of getting employees involved with one-another in a non-work-related activity.  On the other side of the equation, the cost of lost productivity will balloon as workers spend more than an hour streaming, filling out brackets or just discussing the games with co-workers.

Pearl Echo allows you to align your organization’s Internet access rights with your company’s culture.  With Pearl Echo you can easily allow full and monitored access to March Madness content or completely lock down all gaming and sports content sites.  You can also strike a balance and allow access to content during lunch and off hours on a user, group or company-wide basis.  

Pearl Echo allows you to set software rules that mesh with your company culture; not force your company culture to fit how a web-filtering program is designed.

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