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Pearl Software College Scholarship Awarded

Pearl Software received numerous submissions for our college scholarship program. The student with the most creative and well-written essay is Occidental College's Isaac Glanzrock who discussed the role of technology in today‚Äôs society. Thank you to all that applied and congratulations Isaac! We at Pearl Software wish you all success in your academic endeavors.  Isaac's essay follows:

A Word of Caution Against the Consumption of Technology
By: Isaac Glanzrock

Smartphones that unlock via face detection. Car navigation systems that respond to voice. Undoubtedly, the gadgets of today have come very far from days past. The constant evolution of new technology continues to enhance human life on a daily basis. Drivers can now be routed to the nearest gas station with one voice command; cell phone users can get restaurant recommendations with just a few screen taps. Platforms such as Google Drive and Skype allow for innovation on an entirely new level, increasing efficiency by eliminating the need for physical presence. Video calls and online collaboration are the new norm for businesses, permitting ideas to be developed in one voice across thousands of miles. More about this topic...