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Business Owners - Be Careful where you Sell End-of-Year Inventory

An online scammer recently tried to dupe the daughter of a Pearl Software employee.  The scammer was double-crossed, revealing his true country of origin, source IP and ISP.  The FBI is now involved.

For many small businesses, the lure of selling end-of-the-year inventory on eBay or Craigslist is tempting. The problem is that these sites can be littered with scammers looking for unprotected sellers that are not highly cautious during the holiday season. What follows are a few of the biggest scams that can cost businesses serious money and aggravation.

A scam that often occurs during the holidays is fake buyers who will complete the purchasing process through PayPal for items from a small business. Once the honest seller sends the item, the scamming buyer files a dispute or chargeback with PayPal saying that he or she never received the merchandise. This is dangerous because, in most instances, PayPal will side with the buyer if the seller has failed to take precautions. More about this topic...