Comprehensive Product Video Tour

Technical Product Video

Product installation, feature and function overview including how to monitor Internet activity, data handling, automating reports and managing custom Internet access control profiles.

Pearl Echo Workstation Deployment Automation

Automated Software Deployment

Demonstration of automated remote Workstation Software installation from the Pearl Echo Administration Console.

Application Management

Application Management Video

Set time limits on any application. These limits are an addition to the Time Controls you can set to govern all Internet access.

Mobile Users and Laptop Management

Mobile BYOD Internet Management

Manage mobile and laptop users as they roam inside and outside of your private network.

Basic Product Video Tour

Basic Product Video

Feature and function overview including how to monitor Internet activity, run reports and manage custom Internet access control profiles.

Firewall Settings

Software Deployment Video

Demonstration of manual Workstation Software installation and setting your firewall to easily manage roaming users.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management Video

Set bandwidth limits in order to manage network congestion. Limits can be set for each Internet protocol.

Remote Office Management

Remote Internet Monitoring

Manage remote sites and telecommuters without having to set up VPN’s or other complicated routing strategies.