Employee Web Filtering and Internet Monitoring

Pearl Software provides advanced computer monitoring software including employee Internet monitoring, filtering and management capabilities allowing you to enhance productivity and protect and conserve resources. Pearl Echo's patented Mobility Monitor™ technology enables you to maintain the continuity of your Internet usage policies on and off your internal network.

Now With:

Echo Crypto.View™ - Safely view and control encrypted data transfer (https, ssl, etc.) without the use of complicated proxy servers or Internet traffic redirection.

Echo Smart.Capture™ - Focus on user trends while reducing monitoring and storage of non-pertinent user web activity.

Safe Search - Enforce Google, Bing & Yahoo Safe Search settings.

Keep Users In-Line While On-Line

We add security way-down-low to analyze network protocols so you have no worries about application choices, plug-in headaches or compatibility issues. Since 1996, our customers' networks continue to evolve; we continue right along side, helping to secure them.


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What our Customers Say!


Abhijit S. | Gahanna, OH

What our Customers Say!

Pearl is the best, you're not competing with anyone, I did the research, we are just weighing the costs.

Curtis G. | Chicago, IL

What our Customers Say!

We compared and tested your product against Websense and I'm happy to report that I am choosing your product which was much easier to implement and to use.

Patricia S. | N. Venice, FL

What our Customers Say!

All I can say is Wow!! I'm so impressed. This is 200% more valuable than SpectorSoft. So glad we switched...The officers are going to love this!

Sandra H. | Kansas City, MO

What our Customers Say!

This is a better way to handle spyware. (Forrester finds 1 in 10 sites infected with malware.)

Robert M. | Grand Rapids, MI

What our Customers Say!

Echo does so much more than Websense; And without the yearly punch in the nose!

Hugh T. | Wilmington, DE

What the Press Says!

For the ultimate Internet Management Software, Pearl Echo ranks highest on our list.


What the Press Says!

Pearl Echo Suite: Content Security Solution of the Year Finalist

Computing Security Awards

What the Press Says!

Easy to install and deploy; filters simple to configure; the management software is functional and intuitive.

SC Magazine Awards

What the Press Says!

For the ultimate Internet Management Software, Pearl Echo ranks highest on our list.

Echo Web Filter

Core Features and Benefits!

  • Categorizes surfing habits and provides insight into the amount of time and cost users spend on the web.
  • Increases productivity by reducing nonproductive Internet usage.
  • Reduces the risk of unauthorized transactions and communication of sensitive data.
  • Increases management's awareness by providing informative reports that are automatically generated and distributed.
  • Preserves access bandwidth for planned and intended use.
  • Simplifies administration by creating custom Internet access profiles based on existing Directory users, groups and computers.
  • Maintains accountability by sensing access violations and archiving information for future retrieval.

Your Network Needs to Be Dynamic

Competing solutions that rely on your existing infrastructure are not as comprehensive and become parasitic when matched with your changing environment and evolving information needs. Pearl Software's free-stranding web filtering and Internet monitoring solutions put you in control of endpoint Internet access, regardless of where your users are and regardless of what your network looks like. Manage:

Web Filtering World Wide Web

E-mail Filtering E-mail

FTP Filtering File Transfers / Downloads

Bandwidth Monitoring Bandwidth Consumption

IM Filtering Instant Messaging & Chat

ssl filtering Secure Web (Https)

News Filtering Dark Web

Web Mail Blocking Web-based E-mails

Web Chat Blocking Blogs

Application Control Application Access

Citrix Server Filtering Citrix Apps

Remote Desktop Filtering MS Terminal Server Apps


The Inventors

For more than 15 years, Pearl Software has been providing organizations with practical computer monitoring software solutions to monitor and filter employee Internet use. >>>

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The Competition

See what candid customers have told us in their evaluation of Pearl versus Websense, Surfcontrol and a host of other proxy and sniffer based solutions. >>>