In addition to protecting your company’s internal networks from dangerous malware and spyware programs, computer monitoring software is also designed to monitor online activities your employees engage in using your company equipment. For example, you can use the software to discover if employees are using work time to type personal letters, email friends or search for jobs at major job boards. You can also use computer monitoring software to give human resource managers and in-house attorneys access to desktop computers or laptops of employees you are investigating for infractions like insider trading and online gambling while at work.

With computer monitoring software you and members of your senior management staff can find out which employees are truly focused on their work throughout the day. Some computer monitoring software can also be used on company owned mobile devices like laptops and notebooks. These additional safety features make it possible for you to notice when workers use company equipment to conduct their personal business while they are away from the office on business trips other functions that require them to mobile.

Quality computer monitoring software programs operate behind the scenes. Employees cannot tell that the software is operating on their computers. That said, to protect yourself and your business against potential lawsuits, it’s a good idea to write policies around Internet usage and make the policies available to employees in handbooks or on internal company websites. For example, you could post the policies on human resource pages at your internal company websites.

Additionally, some firms that develop and sell computer monitoring software programs also develop protection systems that protect Citrix terminals and servers. User level monitoring as well as Internet access can be set for employees using these systems.

Reputable firms that develop and sell computer monitoring software and other safety programs might have an online presence. Visit these firms’ websites and you might be able to test drive one or more of their software programs. You can also reach out to representatives at the firms and ask them to give you quotes on standard and custom products you’d like to purchase. As a tip, before purchasing products from firms ask them about product support they offer.